Friday, July 6, 2012

iGoogle will not be available after November 1,2013

Today I was surprised to see this "iGoogle will not be available after November 1,2013", which popped on the iGogole dashboard. iGoogle is going to officially retire on November 1, 2013 where as the mobile version of this website is going to retire soon which is the end of this month, July 31, 2012. According to Google, iGoogle has been eroded over time because Chrome and Android apps have provided similar functionality and have become the most popular among masses. It might not make much difference to most of the readers who are not using the iGoogle. But it will certainly affect those  who have built their applications around this framework. Some of the readers may not be aware that google has some hidden APIs which is built on the igoogle framework  e.g Weather, Stock Exchange, Calendar etc. And these APIs have been used by the developers. Now developers and other concerned users have only 16 months left to do transition to other application/platform.

iGoogle will not be available after November 1, 2012

iGoogle also has blog-feed readers which helps to boost up the blog indexing. If this feature goes away with the iGoogle then definitely bloggers have to look for other resort to improve the blog indexing. 
Those using iGoogle  might be worried about their data. Their personal data will continue to exist with other Google applications, i.e Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Finance, Google Drive, etc. 

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